Getting started

Published on Sep 17, 2020

This is my 2nd day that. Convincing myself to start writing. One step at a time.
Just one line. Just one word. One sentence. It can't be that hard, that's what I always tell myself.
Today I started learning about chrome extensions as I'm a developer and it would be nice to make my own extension that would help me write more quality content than quantity.
So I'm thinking about a chrome extension that detects overused and cliche words and offers you alternatives instead.
I'm fairly convinced that it is not so easy to implement but it will be a good challenge.
One step at a time. One line of code at a time. Until you put it together and it does it's job.
It's hard to keep motivating yourself. I wonder how others do it.
I'm giving myself till the end of September to finish it! That's it.
2 weeks. 14 days. You can do it!

Day 1.
I started doing research on Chrome extensions and created the project folder.