GetPay Demo

Published on Sep 25, 2020

One of my products is GetPay, which connect to your Stripe account and generate a unique link to your Stripe Checkout. Might some people doubt that is GetPay something useful? If you are not a coder and yet want to use Stripe Checkout, it might be a challenge for you. What GetPay does is remove all these "needs to code" portion and generate a payment link that you can place anyplace.

One of a good example is to place this site builder. I recently created two demos to showcase. For Pory, it doesn't have a Stripe checkout integrate yet. We fit in a niche that as a way to selling for a site builder that not integrate with Stripe. For Softr, it does have Stripe Checkout integration but is for paid user only, so we fit as a tool if the user wants to use Stripe Checkout on a plan which is not cover.

GetPay + Pory

GetPay + Softr

I have two demos for GetPay already, I think next is to write some post for it, clean up the landing page and continue to build a demo for GetPay. Two technical things I would like to work on it is upgrading the codebase to latest Laravel 8 + Lavevel Livewire 2, and there are some new features from Stripe that I would like to integrate.