Friday - Birthday

Published on Oct 9, 2020

Today is my wife's birthday. She is 36, pregnant and stunningly beautiful.
I'm so thankful that I have her as my wife even when we fight. Like yesterday.
She is extremely stressed that our house is turned upside down because of the preparations and renovations for Erik's arrival. She thinks we'll not be ready with everything. But I digress.

My habit tracking is working (I think). I've managed to keep writing every day for a week now.
It's not yet what I'd like it to be, and it's not yet writing that I'd like to show others but it's a start. At least I'm trying. I have a lot to learn to write better. Exercise.
Write essays, stories, articles, etc. I need to read a lot. But that's the easy part. I love reading.

Erik's ETA is ~six weeks. In these few weeks of silence, it is good to be thinking about how to move forward with my life, what to change, and what to keep.
It's astonishing how much an unborn child changes your perspective on life.
I'm going to be a father.
And I'm going to be FUCKING great at it!