Father & Son

Published on Nov 16, 2020

I was on the road with my father today. We drove from the house of my parents to a guy that sold a Mountainbike my dad wanted to buy. It was a pretty long drive (two hours per direction) and so we had a bunch of time for talking.

As I've written this week, his father (my grandfather) died in the night from Monday to Tuesday. We didn't immediately talk about him. My mom warned me beforehand that he (my dad) didn't talk to her about his father at all

I'm not sure how to describe it, but a Father-Son (or man - man) relation is different that Wife - Husband. After a while, I started talking about the coronavirus and if it will be possible that we even attend the funeral of my grandfather with the new restrictions coming up here in Austria.

I think it helped him a lot to open up. By the time we were driving home again, he was joking and telling stories from some of his older motorcycle friends.

Although it was a tough and long drive, it really paid off. I don't know how long you have with somebody. We should all value the time with our loved once way more than we are doing in these fast times.