Published on Oct 13, 2020

Finally, our roof is repaired. Hopefully, they did a good job and we won't have problems. Yesterday was an exhausting day for me and my wife. The renovations, the constant phone calls from work, and other stuff, the visits from the lenders. It was extremely tiring. Especially for Cristina. I hope she gets a good night's sleep. She is still sleeping. It's 6.30 in the morning.
She had a checkup at the doctor yesterday. The doctor said we better do a fetal morphology as the little guy's head is just a tiny bit bigger than his body. I'm extremely worried. We have an appointment for the next doctor in 8 days which seems like an eternity now. My wife took it exceptionally well. I think she is hormonal, otherwise I don't know I would deal with all this.
I have a wonderful wife.
On another note, this just reinforces my belief that I have to build personal moats, get better at what I do, and become a better person. This is what I do. This is my life.
Erik. Whatever will happen I will try my best to be a great father. Cristina I will try my best to be a great husband.