Published on Oct 8, 2020

Yesterday I read for the first time for him. It was a great feeling. Altough I read quite the horror story, not a bedtime story. But it was from one of my favorite authors, Benedek Elek.
I realized my mistake half through the reading. Never mind, he won't mind. He doesn't know a word yet and this is the first time I've read for him in my native language, hungarian.
My goal is to read every day for him for the next few weeks untill he is born.

I'm starting to get around my head the idea of focusing on things. It boils down to having clear goals, or at least being clear on who you want to become by repeating all your habits.
So who I want to become? A runner, a father, a full-stack developer, a writer, an entepreneur.
Not necessarily in this order. The important thing is that in order to become all of those I need to change my habits for the better and start doing. Stop thinking and start doing.
We spend our time planning all our steps out perfectly to achieve our goals but in the end we never get to actually do those steps. We just find other things to do and we are always afraid.
Afraid that we'll fail.
Well, I don't want to be afraid anymore!