Dream: The Island

Published on Sep 13, 2020

Tonight I had a really strange dream. Be prepared for a not so short story. :)


I woke up because some water was flowing down my face. I took a look around and found myself on an island. I walked around, but it seemed like I was the only person.

After countless hours of walking, I met a group of people. The told me I was stranded on an island and that they don't know how to leave. They took care of me and showed me their camp.

A few days later I was integrated into their community. I think they were about four women and five men (including me). Every day I started discovering new things and by the end of the first week I had found some solar power banks and led strips.

The oldest guy wasn't amused about that and started putting restraints on all of us. By then I started seeing some kind of green sting on his face. Two of the other guys also had them. Day by day I started to rebel more and one day I found a weapon.

Under some false excuse, I told the oldest one I need to talk with him by the beach. I fired the weapon and didn't hit him. I fired again, still a miss. Now he started laughing terribly and loud. I knew there was something bad going on.

He started going after me and I thought maybe the green sting has something to do with the island. I managed to throw the guy into the water and he was gone.

Woken up by the shots, the other two guys appeared and asked where the older one was. A little bit of lying later and both of them disappear in the water. I went back to the camp and told the other people that the reign of terror was over. They thanked me and suddenly out of nowhere a woman appeared.

"Thanks for getting rid of those guys, but who will now care for this island?", the women asked. By this time I realized it was Davy Jones who was looking at me. I answered. "I will take care of this island, but I will also make some changes".

"You have to seal the deal with a kiss", the women said. "No, I won't, all of us will take care of the island together. You won't get a deal with us." I argued, hoping she would take the pill.

"No, that is not how it works" the women replied. "It is how it works now", I said filling my voice with all self-confidence that I found. The women disappeared and I heard her voice "If you need something just call my name".

Things started to get better and a few weeks after we had lights all around the camp. Davy Jones appeared again. "So I see you did some great work here. I've got some ideas to. You know, there are all these souls I gathered throughout the years, and they are driving me nuts".

"Why are they driving you nuts? What is the problem?" I asked understandingly. "They don't have anything to do and start complaining about that" she answered. I joked: "What about the concert?"

The women replied: "What a great idea! Just tell me a singer or band and I will bring them here. Just prepare a stage and something to seat. You've got one week". I thought for a moment and Nightwish came to my mind. The women disappeared and said "Nightwish it will be" I think she read my thoughts.

Somehow we put together a stage and also found a loudspeaker system around the island. I'm sure Davy Jones let them appear. A week later the other stranded people and I sat down on the spectator ranks and waited. Out of nowhere Nightwish appeared on stage and out of the water, lost souls started to rise.

A few minutes later they were sitting down and the concert started to play. Somehow the band didn't notice the strange setting and the even stranger audience. Davy Jones appeared by my side again. "You did some great work. We should do this more often. Maybe once a month?". "Sure", I replied, "what about Epica the next time?" - "Good idea".

After the concert was over, Davy Jones took me aside again once more: "I have seen that you have been struggling a little bit with workload here on the island". - "Yes, we are short one man". - "No worries, there will be one stranding soon". - "Oh, sad to hear". - "Didn't you get it by now?" - "What?", I asked.

"You and the other stranded people here would have died in a terrible accident and I brought you to this island to live forever". - "I thought you are the troublemaker of the seas and not a good soul?" - "Well, I've got so many souls in my locker, I'm sick of it and thought it is time to rescue some".

Weeks later I was engaged with one of the girls and the other guy also with another one. Although we grew together to a family the other two women were struggling a bit and one night I was sitting by the sea, asking Davy Jones if she could help out. A week later two new guys showed up on the island.


I woke up.