Day 3 of Staycation

Published on Oct 7, 2020

It's the final day already. End of my staycation and I m seriously miss my bed. I don't have a good sleep for the two nights staying here.

We wake up around 8 am for breakfast, and today they change the way they serve the breakfast. Instead of just sitting there and the staff bring you a set of breakfast, today you need to go and take what you want to eat. It's sort of back to the buffet style. I think this has better wastage control, for example, some of the bread that come with a set yesterday, we didn't eat, and it just wastes it.

After breakfast, we take a few more photo at the lobby and go back to our room to clean up the room and bath. We check out the room around 10 am + and going for the last round of theme park before we are heading back to our home. We took a few rides of our kids favourite and see two of the movie show that we missed yesterday. 

We call it a break around 2 pm and leave the theme park for lunch. We simply find a place to enjoy our lunch and head back to our lovely home. The three days two nights - staycation is ended.