Day 2 of Staycation

Published on Oct 6, 2020

I miss my bed.

One of the biggest issue of this staycation is the bed is not so comfortable, I didn’t really have a good sleep. I wake up a few times as well in the night time.

I wake up my wife and kids around 8am for the break fast. Instead of the usual buffet style of breakfast, It’s breakfast set for family. I think is for social distant purpose. Nothing fancy for the breakfast but you can choose to have additional set if is not enough.

After the breakfast, we get ourself ready and visit the legoland around 10am +. As usual the big kids able to enjoy most of the ride while the small kid can enjoy some of it only. Small kid some cry over some of the rider because he is not big / tall enough but overall he did enjoys some of the ride.

During lunch time we come out of the theme park to enjoy burger king just outside of the theme park. As usual the food is pretty expensive in the theme park, that’s why we need to bring some tidbits in and come out to eat. After the lunch, we went back for a few more ride and bought some lego to end the days.

The themepark close around 5pm and we went back to hotel to clean up. I go out to pack some dinner and enjoy in the hotel room. That’s our day two of staycation