Day 1 of Staycation

Published on Oct 5, 2020

We have book a hotel at Legoland For two nights. It’s really expensive for this kind of theme hotel but they are doing a promotion for buy 1 night and free one night. In order to support local tourism in this COVID period. We have booked two night stay to let the kids enjoy.

We can only check in the hotel around 4pm, so we decided to depart after having lunch at home. As usual I work until the very last minutes, around 11 am in the morning. After clearing all the backlog and start to prepare for this short trip.

We reached the hotel around 3pm and luckily the room is available already and allows to check in early. We have chosen a Adenture theme room which is something like Indiana jones and mummy themes. There are some lego make Scropion and Spider in the room and even have a adventure treasure chest for my kids to have some adventure fun. The room is quite big enough for 3 adults and two kids, but only 1 toilet is the main issue.

We went to one of family cafe nearby which allows kids to play for our dinner, they kids have fund while the adults can just relax and chills. That’s are one first day of staycation.