Daily grind

Published on Nov 19, 2020

This signing on before the sun rises and signing off when the sun sets is getting to be a grind. Since I took a second gig in May, I have deemed this time period the "season of work." There's some pandemic raging out in the world, so might as well just stay inside and work. 

I am compensated for all these hours, but week after week without a break takes its toll. I will have the Thanksgiving holiday off like most folks in the US, and then I will be taking a two-week break at Christmas for a much-needed recharge.

I'm not claiming to have an arduous job. It's not physically taxing in the traditional sense. I'm not on my feet all day performing manual labor. I am sitting in front of a computer a lot, and that activity for an extended period of time day after day will eventually cause problems.

On the bright side, I finally made my first Amazon commission through the affiliate links I've been adding to the Be Wellthy newsletter. $2.19 to be exact. I took a screen print, and I'd like to print it, frame it, and put it on the wall. I feel like a proud publican who earned his first dollar of revenue.

Gotta start somewhere.