Countdown continues

Published on Nov 11, 2020

At the suggestion of @jasoneleow, I downloaded the countdown widget maker for iOS 14 and created a widget on my home screen for the #Countdownto2years. Only 23 days left.

Jason also brought up the idea of how to archive our posts, and I'm at a loss on that one. My plan was to export all files in all the possible formats and save them on my Mac where there will probably gather the digital form of dust.

I also have no idea where I will continue writing. I haven't found any site similar to this one that allows simple posting with a community component. There are sites where you can write privately, but I might as well just do that with an app. Speaking of apps, there are three that I will probably explore in detail: IA Writer, Ulysses, and Day One. All else fails, I will use an app and write privately every day to keep the dream alive.

I am happy that I got to see @basilesamel @jasonelow and @Arcticloon reach the 700 Club. I look forward to welcoming @efran in 26 days. I know @phaidenbauer is going to join the 600 Club in 24 days and @peterdannock is going to join the 300 Club in 8 days. @keni will be joining the 700 Post Club in 21 days.

I wonder if @haideralmosawi will return and bid us one final farewell? The same goes for @brianball and @valentino and @craigpetterson and @seunoyebode So many others who were with us on the journey (picture the last three contestants on Survivor gathering all the name tags from previous contestants and somehow honoring them by burning them). 

I know there is some interest in keeping the community together in some way. I don't have the skills for the technical piece, but I would absolutely be on board to help in any way that I can.