Client From Hell 5 - part 2

Published on Oct 14, 2020

After a few nasty email exchange with the clients while cc with the president, I sit down and ask myself what I hate and become so unprofessional? I think it's all trigger by this contact window.

  • Waste of time, she is not tech-savvy, always can't tell the issue.
  • At least 50% of the time during the meeting is wasted when meeting with her.
  • She likes to put out big words which make me uncomfortable.
  • There are so many new features requested to add this round; if I don't put it a stop, she might repeat the same things next round.
  • While I think these are doing on goodwill, she believes that the app is not complete. She can just request adding a new thing.
  • She tries to tie the app with some emotion blackmail because the president passes away during this period, and she keep claim the app is the president vision.
  • Original is an app just for show; then she wants to use it for their monthly meeting usage and keep saying this is the original vision of the president.
  • She wants some new feature without clearly discuss with someone savvier, so in the end, the new feature keeps changing.
  • While exchange email, she uses the emotion blackmail again, say she pay me first when I request although many things happen within the organisation and she got no time to go through the app.

After writing these out, I think what not comfortable for me is she is that type of person that keeps trying to blackmail you with emotion. While I refuse to some of the things, she used words like I being hard during this COVID period etc., all these happen because of my travel plan etc.

In the end, I reply I m willing even to refund the 50% of the project if she thinks that's so many issues that cause by me.