Client From Hell - 5

Published on Oct 13, 2020

It's been a long time I talk about the Client From Hell, this is more like an extended version of the Client From Hell - 4, it's the same client, and it's getting my nerf.

The project already ends, other then all the stupid requests she has been mention last round, there quite a few new requests and meaningless meeting session. Since I charge pretty high for this project previously, I was thinking to do the enhancements on Good Will, so that they can re-use it for their other shows.

Things that getting my nerf is

  1. I don't feel appreciated for what I did, some of the requests are meaningless, but they beat you with their "experience."
  2. When I reject some of the requests, it becomes I being hard to them during this COVID period.
  3. They don't plan first and asking for new features; in the end, changes keep coming.
  4. I have a pretty tight working schedule and spending my weekend end for the enhancements for free, yet I keep getting lots of new requests.
  5. The contact person likes to use big words which make me uncomfortable.
  6. Meaningless meeting session, you should have a discussion results before come to me, not discuss it in front of me.

Guess I need to write some nasty email today.