Clash Royale

Published on Oct 9, 2020

I have a little secret to tell, for the past one month, I m addicted to this mobile game called "Clash Royale". It's not something new; I play it before when it first launch. I re-download it again recently when I try to explore some new game on my phone.

The game is pretty straight forward PVP style; each one has three castles, you need to mix a different kind of army to beat down your enemy castle. The fun part is a different strategy that mixes with other types of army. You can see some pretty creative strategy sometimes.

I get addicted it and decided to give the monthly pass a try for SGD 7+. With the monthly pass, I can access more free chest than others, can earn more gold than others, can try up some challenge without limits. You gain quite a bit of benefit compare to those who didn't.

I manage to join an interesting local guild and we been number 1 guild compare to other 4 for the past one-month clan war. I didn't join the chat much, but I can tell that the whole clan is pretty united to push forward for the clan war.

I m addicted and play for more than an hour every day, and it affected my productivity. So when my monthly pass just ended a few days ago, I don't plan to renew it, goodbye to all my clanmate, deleted the game and back to my normal life.

It's a good memory to have some fun on a mobile game.