Challenge Of Hacktoberfest 2020 - part 2

Published on Oct 16, 2020

Yesterday I talked about Hacktoberfest that hosted by Digital Ocean and Github. Due to too many pull request spam, they have set up some new rules that I think affected casual open source contributor.

  • The pull request must be merge or added label by the maintainer to consider a valid pull request. Based on my experience, there are times that the maintainer merges your pull request after Oct. Sometimes some maintainer doesn't even bother until a few months later.
  • The project needs to have hacktoberfest topic so that your pull request will be valid. I find out this after I manage to send out my first pull request and get a merge. Then I check on Hacktoberfest website, but it doesn't consider valid. Although the issue already has hacktoberfest label, it needs the project to have hacktoberfest topic as well.

Since there is quite a bit of work need to done by the maintainer, I been choosing project carefully. For example, I would like to contribute back to Twill CMS this year, but I been filing issue to ask adding the hacktoberfest topic for the project, but none of the maintainers has replied. Even the project has hacktoberfest topic; you need to check is the maintainer actively merge the pull request or not, or else pretty high chance your pull request get ignore.