Challenge of Hacktoberfest 2020

Published on Oct 15, 2020

I had joined the Hacktoberfest that host by Digital Ocean and Github for the past few years, I think I only miss the first year? The T-Shirt is pretty lovely, and it forces me to sit down and spend some time to make some Open Source contribution. I look forward to this every year of October.

There are always people who try to cheat for the past few years. Open their repo and submit a meaningless pull request to complete the event. Other then the first year I made some contribution on Content, the rest of the years I will try to find a project and make some code contribution. It will be best if you can contribute to what you use daily. Example last year I was working on a project that makes use of Twill CMS, so I m happily submit all the pull request for Twill CMS during Hacktoberfest. It helps me to complete my goal and contribute to the project I use.

This year is different, checking on the Hacktoberbes update, since the starting of event, there is a huge amount of spam pull request created, in the end, lots of rule has been enforced. These rules cause lots of problem to a casual contributor like me. Let me share with you more tomorrow.