Busy before staycation

Published on Sep 29, 2020

Another busy week, you can tell by just the starting of the week with two new enquiry coming in, and I have some enquiries haven't replied. Going through the tasks on hand this week, I also feel the pressure, and I might be away for staycation next week, most of the things have to complete before Saturday.

  • A church donation site has to go-lives and approves for payment gateway already; I need to clean up the FAQ.
  • A revamp project for a client, still got 10% more need to complete and send for clients beta testing this week.
  • An Adalo Project that my staff is working on now, I help to tweak some of the things that she can't fix, also need to send for the demo this week.
  • A kick-off meeting for a WordPress site to revamp, if the project confirms will start in October.
  • A book sales enhancement for a WordPress site, original on hold now suddenly need to beta testing this week.

Other then all these, I have three enquiries on hand now, need to propose and send in quotations. I almost forget how busy I will be during year-end. Stress, but at least I can worry less about revenue.

The staycation might be cancel because there are spikes of cases locally recently, but I need to make sure all my on-hands work settled in case I still go for the staycation.