Published on Oct 14, 2020

I read a great article on bullshitters. Some build things, write, create. And then there's a second group that writes about those in the first group. And it's all good until now. The problem comes from the third, fourth, and fifth groups. The third group writes about the first group quoting the second group. The fourth group writes about the third and second and first quoting all of them. In short term people are deluding themselves into thinking they are doing something meaningful by sharing "advice".
This is utterly disgusting and terrifying as well. Young creatives get the idea that it is the same to belong to the third, fourth, or fifth group are creating something valuable.
I often make the mistake of thinking if you build an audience for yourself on twitter, facebook or any other website you're already ahead. But it is futile to think that you're a "creator", a "maker", a "builder" by just getting followers on social media.
You have to create something truly meaningful.
So no more procrastination. No more excuses. I now that I'm capable of being in the first group. I just have to stop bullshitting.
As a famous person once said: "don't bullshit a bullshitter".