Building a Billy shelf

Published on Oct 14, 2020

Something weird is happening to me today. It happened this afternoon, after finishing a light lunch and pick me up coffee and I decided to start building a large Billy shelf that my girlfriend and I picked up yesterday evening. It was as I was installing the screws on the second side piece of the bookshelf I realize there is a warm sensation that traveled from my fingertips all the way to my hippocampus. It was the weird and unusual realization that...I'm actually enjoying this process!

IKEA has the rep of having not just having big range of cheap furnitures you can buy, but also ones that often requires incredible amount of manual work and detailed instructions to assemble them. I recently even noticed that IKEA now even have a feature directly implemented with TaskRabbit where you can automatically schedule for someone to assemble the furniture for you. 

I've bought my fare share of IKEA furniture over the years and I've always dreaded the process of assembling them. All those time, I wished I could assemble them as fast as humanely possible so I don't have to worry about having to deal with them until I have to move or dispose of them within a few years. 

But this time different. As I flipped through the fresh pages of IKEA's assembly instructions go each step carefully, I really enjoyed the process. Perhaps it was the year of building a lot of product, even if it was digital products, or perhaps developing more patience in working and solving problems. Nevertheless, I like this new side of me.