Big Fish, Small Fish

Published on Oct 1, 2020

The Internet counted a billion websites as of January 2020, but less than 25% of them, about 200 million, are active. One active website for every 39 persons in the world.

It seems like a lot, but in a span of six months, the total number of websites doubled, and just today, more than 6 million blog posts have been published.

More importantly, the 10 most visited websites generate twice the traffic of the following 90.

It's getting harder and harder to get noticed, and there is a distinct gap between big and small websites.

We can also notice that the size of the traffic correlates with the size of the content generated on a daily basis. Youtube creates and serves an enormous amount of data. Same with Facebook, Twitter, or Wikipedia.

You need great content to have a successful website, but it's clearly almost impossible to make it without the help of a bigger platform to distribute and amplify your work. 

Website owners need to be aware of that. In fact, it should be an integral part of the content and design strategy from the get-go. You can't capitalize on every heavy-traffic website out there, but you need a few in your toolbox.