Published on Oct 1, 2020

I am sitting at the doctors office waiting to get somethings done for my eyes. Chances are that my eyes will get dilated and I may not make my daily post if I wait for the perfect environment to do my write up.

So here I am - using this waiting time to get this out of the way.

I had a few ideas for a writing today that I am sure I will forget. So this is a reminder post for myself to expand on my thoughts.

There is a lot of discussion about bias in big data. It is debated very seriously and there have been many initiatives created to combat the issue especially due to the events in 2020. What I am wondering about is the bias in historical data. How can we question just the bias in the data of the future when the events in the past were covered by a smaller sample size and objectivity wasn’t always celebrated or allowed? 

I want to dive more into this thought and see what else is out there that discusses this. A good book maybe. If it’s not there, maybe it’s something I should write on. It would be massive amount of research but it may yield interesting insights...

Doctor is calling... to be continued...