Published on Oct 10, 2020

Going beyond the first week of writing. I managed to write for 8 days consecutively. It's not much but it's honest work. I mean it's a good start. I'm starting a habit. Hopefully, one that sticks around. I need to make a goal and a plan for my writing.
As we're getting closer and closer to Erik's birth my goals, plans, and aspirations are getting crystal clear. I'm on my way to be a better person, a more caring father, a great husband.
The beauty of this all is that even Cristina is changing at this time. She is more patient and calm. We're getting ready to turn our lives upside down, inside out by a 50CM crying machine.
And it feels wonderful. Probably the enthusiasm is talking in me and it will be much harder and not so shiny once we're there. But I'm pretty sure that we'll manage it, even Cristina with her slight OCD. We can do this. I've always thought about us that we're a great team. We worked through a lot that life has thrown at us. I'm confident we'll prevail.