An interview

Published on Oct 9, 2020

I have butterflies in my stomach.
A series of amazing events have led me to an event happening tonight.

A group I have been working with for sometime are going to do a live discussion event around COVID for Africa. The goal is to send about 500 brand new ventilators in the next few months out of which Ethiopia will receive about 50. It is a huge opportunity for the country and I am hapy that I get to be a part of the project.

The event for tonight is about the project and the impact it will bring. I have been working in this space for the last 6 months so I am passionate about this topic. And I have learnt a lot in a short time. Still, I feel nervous. It has been a few hours since I found out that I will be speaking and the butterflies are very comfortable in my stomach.

The event is in exactly 2 hours and will be streaming on FB live. This is my first live event ever ever. So I am trying to take deep breaths and focus on the message.

Butterflies are an indication of something good about to happen.