Published on Nov 21, 2020

Looking at how governments manage the pandemic and its effects on the economy, I am extremely worried about the future. The next decade will be key to prepare the biggest wave humankind ever had to face: the climate emergency.

Even though I'll keep doing my best to contribute to the ensuing fight, I have little hope we will go through it unscathed considering the tiny progress we've made so far. We just aren't moving fast enough.

It's high time to reconsider our goals, values, and habits to minimize the risks we are all bound to encounter. Now is not the time to settle down in Bali waiting for the seas to rise, but it's the best moment to learn skills that will help us overcome what's coming: growing stuff, building things, working from anywhere, investing, shaping up, becoming better persons and neighbors... among others.

We are lucky to live in a period where it's socially acceptable to replace shower time with reading time, so we might as well stop complaining and make the most of it as long as we have this luxury.