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Oct 17, 2020

Product Testing Weekend

It's finally a weekend that no need to rush for freelance work. I still a little freelance work to clear but this weekend is, however, the first weekend ( except the week I went to staycation ) that I don't need to rush for any freelance work. Since I want to get out from all these work loops, I de...

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Sep 30, 2020

Adalo Vs Glide

I have been all in for Adalo past two weeks, but at the same time, I like to revisit Glide and discover the new feature that they release. It seems to me that both cater to the different market of #nocode mobile app builder. Adalo is new and more developer-oriented, in a certain way if you are a dev...

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Sep 25, 2020

GetPay Demo

One of my products is GetPay, which connect to your Stripe account and generate a unique link to your Stripe Checkout. Might some people doubt that is GetPay something useful? If you are not a coder and yet want to use Stripe Checkout, it might be a challenge for you. What GetPay does is remove all ...

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Sep 23, 2020

My Adalo Component Development - 5

I have been talking these Adalo topics for the past few days. I promised that this is going to be the last one. I talk about the API services that I plan to build for Adalo. There will need to be a freemium model where some of the essential function will be free, but at the same time, I need to thin...

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Sep 22, 2020

My Adalo Component Development - 4

Yesterday I talked about a few product ideas that inspired while I am doing Component Development, I want to focus on talking about the API As A Service part. Adalo has an exciting feature call "Custom Action", what it does is allow you to interact with any API and make use of the results. There is ...

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Sep 21, 2020

My Adalo Component Development - 3

I have just done the HTML Renderer ( HTML Viewer ) last night and submit for review. Hopefully, it can go through and publish to Marketplace soon. What are some of the ideas while I am building components for Adalo? Develop components as a service. I can open up the component development services fo...

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Sep 20, 2020

My Adalo Component Development - 2

Yesterday I talk again why I invested my time in the Adalo Marketplace, let's talk about what I have built so far? QR Code Generator - this is the first component that I build for the Adalo Marketplace. It's my first try on React Native. I earn some cash income by making this. Start fresh to learn a...

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Sep 11, 2020

Things that I learn for pushing #nocode

Since I am earning some income from #nocode platform vendor and start getting freelance work using #nocode tools to build, I have learned a few things. * I should start selling to my existing clients, rather than keep trying to find a new client and selling them #nocode solutions. * Client's don't...

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Sep 8, 2020

NocoderHQ Brainstorm - 2

I continue to brainstorm the direction of NocoderHQ; the primary focus should be still a #nocode Agency and maybe focus on a specific niche in #nocode Industry. As a #nocode Agency, I want to focus on building for clients with Airtable related #nocode tools, for example, table2site, pory, Adalo and ...

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Sep 7, 2020

Product Weekend week #36

Last Friday, I tried to dedicate some times for my product work to kick start my product engine back again. In the end, I only manage to spend an hour on it, but it does help to trigger some spark on my machine and make it move. So I turn the semi failure Product Friday into Product Weekend. It's qu...

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Sep 6, 2020

Working on new Adalo Component

I talk about having some significant experience building component for Adalo before and having my first #nocode income from helping out the initial market place launch. I thought of building some more although there is no longer any more income reward for that, I believe it helps to market my brand....

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Sep 5, 2020

Product Friday to Product Weekend

I was planning for a Product Friday, spend half of the day on products work to get my product motivation back. It's both failure and success. The failure part is due to some client's support and some last-minute discussion; I only spend like 1 hour on my product work rather than half of the day. The...

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Sep 4, 2020

Get my Product mood back

September has started four days. I have been getting most of the things back in place except for my product work. It loses some starting momentum; it might be due to physical tiredness or maybe just plainly the mood. I can't kickstart any product work at night time. My nighttime routine usually like...

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Sep 3, 2020

NocoderHQ Brainstorm

I have been thinking to build a nocode agency + nocode productize service provider, but there are too many tools that are out there in the market. I am always brainstorming about how I should position this NocoderHQ brand. What have I been doing currently for NocoderHQ? * Build components for nocod...

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Aug 22, 2020

First Income Through #nocode

I have been playing with all kind of #nocode tools and trying different ways to different ways to generate income without any success. There are some leads from Twitter before, but none of it transforms into the real deal. Yesterday, finally "ka-ching" I received a small amount of income from #nocod...

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Aug 20, 2020

Nocode Mobile App for Nocoder

I have been sick for the past few days. Therefore I can't focus on building things, but while laying down to rest, I still keep thinking about new ideas. My latest idea is to build a mobile (web) app that using #nocode to showcase #nocode Maker's product that creates with #nocode. It serves a few pu...

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Aug 9, 2020

MetricsHQ Custom Metric Release

After that initial MetricsHQ release, I received some pretty good feedback and made me wonder what's the next step. It still not really at the trigger point to launch the pricing and subscription, and I need to support more metrics. There are two significant feedbacks I get are the existing metric i...

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Jul 27, 2020

Custom Metrics for MetricsHQ

After a relaxing Saturday, that almost doing nothing, just reading and chilling with Netflix. Finally, I spend sometime on Sunday to working on one of the features for MetricsHQ. The custom Metrics idea is instead of building lots of metrics for a lot of services, why not creating a custom API query...

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Jul 23, 2020

Plugin Development Stuck

I am talking about I been trying to do plugin development for one of the #nocode mobile app platforms recently, which using react native that I am not familiar. After building the first plugin, which is a QR Code generator without much issue. I thought I could replicate the same success and create a...

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Jul 22, 2020


My first product is WebhookHQ, I think I talk about it before, it's been quiet, and I didn't do much since last year, but it still slowly grow, a few users each monthly, although mostly just register and test it only. I just got some support request yesterday from a user, it's nothing much just that...

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Jul 20, 2020

Maker Weekly Week #29 Building a Plugin

I have been busy with some plugin coding for the past week, figuring out how to build a plugin for a #nocode mobile app platform. The whole getting developer to build plugins is part of their new marketplace effort, I assume whatever I build can sell on the market place once the marketplace feature ...

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Jul 17, 2020

Adalo Plugins

After the Hubsponsors launch, I been down for a few days and wrap up myself to continue my next development journey, I didn't get back to my products, but I jump over to work on some plugins development. Ya, I working on plugins for Adalo. I saw the offer through the newsletter at the start, since I...

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Jul 15, 2020

A Failure Launch

I think some of you will know that I tried to producthunt-ed one of my recent project HubSponsor yesterday and the result is a failure, it only got like seven votes. Going through what I have been build and send in for producthunt, so far the highest votes I get before is 57 from WebhookHQ aka Hooke...

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Jul 13, 2020

Maker Weekly Week 28 HubSponsors 

I am going to launch a new side project today and most likely, I going to put it up in producthunt to challenge later. Hopefully, it goes well. So where does HubSponsors idea come from? I recently due to some learn and start sponsor someone through Github, to access some learning resources. While I ...

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