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Oct 14, 2020

Client From Hell 5 - part 2

After a few nasty email exchange with the clients while cc with the president, I sit down and ask myself what I hate and become so unprofessional? I think it's all trigger by this contact window. Waste of time, she is not tech-savvy, always can't tell the issue. At least 50% of the time during the m...

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Oct 13, 2020

Client From Hell - 5

It's been a long time I talk about the Client From Hell, this is more like an extended version of the Client From Hell - 4, it's the same client, and it's getting my nerf. The project already ends, other then all the stupid requests she has been mention last round, there quite a few new requests and...

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Oct 12, 2020

My Typical Sunday

Since I busy with lots of freelance work recently, the weekend has been my working day as well, I kind of resist of this but I got no choices. There is some much work I need to handle to keep up our small company to run. What did I do on Sunday? I am doing some enhancement for a project that already...

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Oct 3, 2020

Review of Busy before Staycation

I mention about this week is going to be pretty busy, and because I m going for a short staycation, I need to get lots of things done before I have a three days break. Church Donation Site that builds on Laravel 8 & Livewire 2 goes live, I been working on this since last year and since the MCO begin...

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Sep 29, 2020

Busy before staycation

Another busy week, you can tell by just the starting of the week with two new enquiry coming in, and I have some enquiries haven't replied. Going through the tasks on hand this week, I also feel the pressure, and I might be away for staycation next week, most of the things have to complete before Sa...

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Sep 28, 2020

Results of The Weekend Grind

Tired and Exhausted. After working for the client's revamp projects for the whole weekend, that's the first two words that pop in my head when I think of the past two days. I have very little sleep on Saturday, and immediately I feel that I m weak on Sunday. My sensitive nose starts to act up, and m...

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Sep 27, 2020

The Weekend Grind

It's been a long time since my last weekend grind for work. I try to strike a work-life balance for a long time, so I try my best every time to skip all sort weekend grind/midnight grind. I have been trying my best to avoid these, but sometime you really can't avoid it. I have been holding one of th...

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Sep 24, 2020

Most embarrassing moment of my freelance career

Yesterday is one of the most embarrassing moments of my ten years+ freelance career. I forget the launch date of one of my client's project. When the app has some problem, and I told my clients ( the agency), I need to wait for Adalo platform to approved my changes, and mostly I need to wait until n...

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Sep 11, 2020

Things that I learn for pushing #nocode

Since I am earning some income from #nocode platform vendor and start getting freelance work using #nocode tools to build, I have learned a few things. * I should start selling to my existing clients, rather than keep trying to find a new client and selling them #nocode solutions. * Client's don't...

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Sep 9, 2020

Confirm Two Nocode Deal

I remember talking about getting my first revenue through building something for #nocode platform vendor and hopefully can soon having income from clients by using #nocode. I have just confirmed two deals this week and going to use Adalo to complete both. The first one is a new customer referred by ...

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Aug 28, 2020

Client From Hell - 4

So I meet another client from Hell from my last year projects. The original discuss building a web app for their event. We have a great launch last year for their first event. So everything has launched, and full payment is received, there is still a bit touch up to be complete, so I think of sort i...

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Aug 25, 2020

Let's talk about support

I make a design last night talking about support should be a high priority in any business after handle some technical support with a hosting company for my clients. It's been a while to talk to these live chat support for WordPress technical issue with a hosting company. Most of the time either I m...

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Aug 23, 2020

How to Quote a Nocode implementation - 2

I talk about this some time ago, as a freelancer of years, I would like to focus on what are the things I will be charging for a #nocode project. There are things to take note, and I don't think you quote a once-off service fee will work for this. It's kind of similar to how you quote a freelance pr...

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Aug 21, 2020

Launch A Project at Client's Infrastructure

I have just lived one of the client's project yesterday, which pretty painful experience. It's been a while that I live a client's project with their infrastructure. Most of the time because client's take out my whole maintenance package which includes server, so most of the time I will live the cli...

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Aug 15, 2020

How to Quote a Nocode implementation - 1

I officially send out my first quotation to implement a project using #nocode tools. It's excited will this become the new normal for a developer. I sent the clients two quotes, one is the usual build from scratch quotation and another one quotation that make use of Adalo. I did a compare for both s...

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Aug 13, 2020

How to marketing yourself as developer - 3

I talk about part 1 and part 2 some time ago, after getting one more new lead, we agreed to start with something small first but eventually, I might be responsible for their whole site revamp. This client having a website is sort of popular with local content, so it will be an excellent portfolio if...

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Aug 12, 2020

Client Enquiries

I have three different enquiries recently, and I always try to fit the clients into the tech direction I want to move on and solutions that suitable the client's situation the most. Two of the enquiries is pretty similar; the clients want a shipping solution. Client A wants to have a shipping app, i...

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Jul 31, 2020


have hired a staff since the end of the last year, during that time I have a lot of non-coding kind of task and some e-commerce clients to support, the staff fit the position nicely and help me handle it so that I can focus just coding things. After a few months, pass and Covid-19 happens, some of t...

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Jul 30, 2020

I hate last minute work

I broke another routine last night; I work on freelance work in the night. I have been trying to split my freelance work and my product work. The day time is for freelance work and the night time and weekend is for my product work. What happens is one of the freelance project trying to rush for goin...

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Jul 25, 2020

Rebuild for client

Finally, I kick start to rebuild one of the client's project, it's has been delayed since last year, and I started three versions before this rebuild, but all have been either outdated or not really up to standard. I build this project five years ago, after every year annual maintenance re-contract,...

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Jul 18, 2020

Disaster Friday

I had a bad Friday yesterday. The original plan is to continue my client project development and enjoy the small kid birthday party in the evening. The Friday spoiled after one of the e-commerce clients reports some bug on their website and need to get it fixed fast before the weekend. So I do my us...

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Jul 8, 2020

Enquiries Flow In

While I worry about the lack of projects and income recently, but just yesterday, I have three different enquiries fall in. It feels that if you can hang in there for long enough, things will turn for you. Project A is from long time customer. I maintenance their website 5~6 years back, but lost the...

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Jun 26, 2020

How Nocode Agency Should Work?

I have been thinking to build up nocode agency for some time; I even build up a landing page before Ya I know I have too many ideas and too little times, but sometimes you just to throw lots of the muds on the wall and see which one will stick. Let's not talk about Bubble; it ...

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Jun 25, 2020

How to marketing yourself as developer - 2

I talk about how to marketing yourself as developer some time ago and suddenly getting some new enquiries recently and feel like to share, one of the important thing in the marketing yourself as a developer, the connection. You might be thinking why we need connection? Let me share some of my recent...

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