Published on Oct 19, 2020

Here I go again.
I googled how many days are left for 2021 - and google answered - 75.
My head went into planning mode.... split 75 into 3 = 25 days. We have 3 block of 25 days. What can I breakout into 3 blocks and execute?

I have to admit, I am a planning junkie. I get a high when I plan something very well and get to execute it. It is like being a fortune teller but this time, I get to set the future to what I want. And plan it so well that the future has no choice but to happen... exactly how I want it. ????

So what can be organized into 3 stages for mastery?

Day 1- 25 - Beginners
Day 26 - 50 - Intermediate
Day 51 - 75 - Expert

- Sleep?
- Diet?
- Publishing a Book?
- Programming skills?
- Public facing work?
- Humorous writing skills?
- Time management skills?
- Presentation skills?
- Marketing skills?

There is a long list of things I would love to master... and I am having a hard time selecting my mastery skill to be.